Training to use Dr McMakins
Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Training in Australia is sponsored by Microcurrent Pain Relief Association Inc and provided by Frequency Specific Seminars based in the USA.

Training in Australia

This involves SELF-PACED STUDY using either of the 2 options below  FOLLOWED BY a 1-day hands-on Practicum Training session in Australia with one of our trained instructors.

(1) The FSM Textbook and it's attached DVD.

Purchase on-line for $69.95 via either of these websites:

Dr McMakin's website:

Note: The pain treatment protocols described in this text have been programmed into a small automated unit made by Precision Distributing.

(2) Core seminar on DVD

Purchase on-line for $795 via Dr McMakin's store page.

Note: This DVD course includes protocols for visceral and neurological pain conditions not covered by the textbook, hence is more especially suited for those therapists with a broader scope of practice.

The Practicum Training session involves a 1-day hands-on session where an experienced FSM therapist will take the student through the set-up and use of microcurrent equipment to treat pain conditions affecting various parts of the body. Because it is a vital part of FSM training, there is no additional cost to the student for this session.

Please contact us if you need help to decide which training option best suits your needs, or wish to arrange a Practicum Training session.




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